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Supply Chain Management

MWT Foods has developed specific supply solutions to its customers since 1990. Developing strategic relationships with suppliers and also customers to bring about aligned solutions.
MWT Foods personnel and the Waring family have travelled extensively selecting most suited supply opportunities for its customer base. Introducing those opportunities to our customers after minimum standards are met. Combined continued development of the supply chain inclusive of customer input and supplier interaction facilitated by MWT Foods.  Identifying best infrastructure, Transportation conditions and costs, and overall supply chain solutions enabling delivery of the best product in the best condition.  Including “just in time inventory control” (DDP), document sale and purchasing (FOB, CFR, CIF).


MWT Foods business model dictates the brining of sophisticated supply chain solutions to more developing supply choices. Quality Management and Logistics personnel assist in bringing these solutions to fruition and matching the needs of customers to the needs of suppliers.
MWT applies its own internal approved supplier program to its proposed supply solutions. This program has been developed over 20 years and draws on internal experience and expertise and also external expert contractors as required. 


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Andrew Waring


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The Waring Group and MWT Foods are an integrated food business. Owning and managing significant Agricultural and Horticultural investments in Australia, MWT is invested in supply solutions from farm gate through to ready to use product.  

Macadamia Program

MWT Foods has a long standing macadamia procurement program in Australia and is developing programs in other major producing origins. The program includes farm gate procurement from over 80 growers in Australia and also provides subcontracted Agri services.


The Warings introduction into the macadamia industry began in 1978 representing kernel sales domestically. In the mid 1990’s MWT Foods introduced kernel sales to major retailers in Europe and has developed and extensive customer network for kernel thought-out key Asian markets during the later years.
Directing excellent return to its growers and initiating significant industry improvement, MWT Foods continues to be proactive and progressive in its treatment of its marketing and procurement program.
Michael Waring (Managing Director) is a Director and Deputy Chair of the AMS an active participant of the INC Macadamia Task Force Committee. 


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Chris Waring
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Greg Ellis
General Manager
Macadamia Division


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Fax: +61 3 9421 0507