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The best source of edible nuts and seeds, dried fruit and coconut products.
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Growing the macadamia market
A leading supplier of Australian macadamias.
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Food supply solutions
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We deliver tailored food supply solutions for our customers.

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We offer strong representation in the global market.

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We support growers and investors in this expanding market.


Our food supply solutions

Australian-based with a global focus, MWT Foods is an industry leader delivering food supply solutions to customers around the world. Our 50-year heritage in the food business is built on trusted service and innovation.

We specialise in the procurement, processing and bulk sales of edible nuts, dried fruit, seeds and coconut products. Our renowned quality assurance program ensures we are the best source of safe food for every product.

We work in partnership with food buyers and suppliers to create strategic and customised solutions, taking care of the supply chain from farm gate to product delivery. We play an increasing role in the health food industry and offer organic certification on a number of products.

Our Products

MWT Foods sources the highest quality products from a trusted network of approved suppliers.

We work in partnership with buyers and suppliers to develop global food supply solutions.

Contact us to talk about how we can add value, innovation and flexibility to your food business. 

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