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Our Aim

Our Food Safety Management System is continuously evolving to meet and exceed the requirements of the most discerning buyer. We integrate our program through the life cycle of our product lines to provide the best source, the best food and to best reflect the real-time status of our operations. MWT Foods Food Safety and Quality Assurance team works to close the gap between supplier practice and customer expectations.


We are aligned with many of the leading global industry and retail food safety programs. We have the flexibility and expertise to meet any certification standard. Most of our suppliers are certified under GFSI benchmarked accreditation and we put our reputation and the health and safety of our consumers in the hands of the best global sources in the business.


Should you wish we can tailor specific procurement and production solutions to your individual needs. Alternately our Sourcing and Sales Team can help you select the right product at the right time.


We welcome you to enquire with us for any of your conventional or organic food needs.



Supplier Assurance Promise

All our suppliers are assessed and tested under rigorous food safety audits. As a factor of our extensive network of long-standing supplier relationships our suppliers value our feedback and listen to the needs of our clients.


We choose to use the BRC as a framework for our own food safety and quality systems and most of our suppliers are benchmarked against GFSI Accredited standards.


Supplier performance is monitored and we actively seek solutions for process improvement, product and packaging innovation as well as customer focused requests.


It's important to know exactly where our food comes from, we are proud of our suppliers and all our clients are welcome to travel with us to view the actual facilities where our products are grown, made and produced.





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Food Safety, Quality and Organic Program Manager

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