MWT recognises the impact of our decisions on society, the environment and the health and welfare of the global communities in which we do business. We are proud of our responsibility toward transparent and ethical behaviour. We see this responsibility as integral to all our business decisions both internally and with whom we select to partner with. We are proud to be closely involved with facilitating some wonderful organisations who directly contribute to the lives, economies, environment and communities in Australia and all around the world.


Isle De Coco Foundation


Isle De Coco – Integrity, Development and Community (IDC). The Sio family of Primex Coco Products has been supported by the Philippine coconut community for over 30 years and recognised the need to give back to the very same community that contributed to their success. So, the Isle De Coco (IDC) Foundation was created to uplift and transform the lives of Primex organic farmers, their families and their surrounding communities.

The Sio family through IDC offer coconut farmers protective equipment such as boots, gloves and raincoats to safe guard the farmers from monsoonal rains, snake bites and severe weather conditions. They also provide farmers much needed axes and coconut harvesting tools to make working with their crops safer and easier. As the productivity of older coconut palms declines, IDC offers farmers new seedlings for planting to support the ongoing success of each individual farmer.

Isle De Coco directly supports the health and wellbeing of coconut farmers and their families, offering free medical dental and eye consultations. Through a group of appointed regional doctors, coconut communities in other nearby regions can also access this free health and wellbeing service all year round.

Wishes For Farmers is a very special fund that receives wishes from organic farmers, something that will make a real difference to their lives…it can be anything. The IDC Foundation selects wishes and makes them come true! Often driving to far away provinces to change the lives of farmers who need a helping hand.

IDC also believes it’s important to make time for celebrations, making life more meaningful and memorable. However, because of poverty some farmers can’t afford to enjoy seasonal festivities and holidays and community-based fiestas. IDC supports their farmers to enable them to attend festivities, holidays and fiestas just like everyone else.

IDC is continually creating opportunities to improve and progress the livelihood of coconut farmers, their families and the strength and wellbeing of their communities and MWT Foods is a proud to support Isle De Coco in improving the lives of the coconut community in the Philippines.


Arnott’s Foundation

The Arnott’s Foundation believes Australia’s future is in its families. The foundation raises money for Camp Quality and in 2017 this was used to run 42 Family Camps for children and their families to have some time away from the hospital together, making memories that aren’t centred on sickness. It also funds puppets on the wards, Family Fun Days, Family Experiences and Primary School Education Programs and Retreats.

The Arnott’s Foundation is a generous donator of food to Foodbank. Foodbank acts as a pantry for over 2,600 charities and community groups who provide food for Australian people struggling to eat. Campbell Arnott’s has donated the equivalent of 448,600 meals over 10 years.

The Arnott’s Foundation also supports Driver Reviver – volunteers helping to reduce the road toll. Every holiday season Driver Reviver sites offer a cup of Bushells tea, coffee and an Arnott’s biscuit. Driver Reviver and Arnott’s are helping volunteer’s save lives across Australia.

Fairy Sparkle has been visiting children in hospital since 1991. The Arnott’s Foundation and Fairy Sparkle work together to establish “Fairy Gardens” in hospitals in NSW and Queensland as magical sanctuary’s where sick children can retreat from the ward, relax and seek inspiration.

MWT Foods has been supporting the Arnott’s Foundation for over 10 years.


Loreto Foundation Vietnam

20 years ago Trish Franklin moved to Vietnam to volunteer. She found herself taking care of young children and giving them hope by establishing the Loreto Foundation Vietnam. For 20 years Trish lived and worked in Southern Vietnam with underprivileged children and rural and remote communities.

The Loreto Foundation sources donors for projects such as building schools, classrooms, sanitary toilet blocks for schools that are in rural and remote areas and many that are in a state of disrepair.

The Loreto Foundation also donates bicycles and helmets so children in rural areas can get to school. And provides resources such as books, computers and school supplies to schools so that children who may not otherwise be able to access educationhave the abilities to learn and change their futures.

The late John Waring, father of Michael, Christopher and Andrew was a dear friend of Trish Franklin’s and always met with her on his many trips to Vietnam. The Waring’s are proud to continue this friendship and support through the Loreto Foundation, contributing to the betterment of the lives and opportunities for the children of Vietnam, a country that is close to the Waring’s heart.