About Us


MWT Foods (Michael Waring Trading Pty Ltd) was established in 1990 by Michael and Andrew Waring, and the Waring Family. Michael previously worked for Jorgenson-Waring Foods (nuts, coconut, tea and coffee) which was founded by his father John Waring in 1965. Jorgenson Waring was sold to a public company in 1987.


MWT Foods is part of the Waring Group which is a family owned and operated business where Michael, Andrew and Chris work together. MWT Foods have offices in Melbourne (head office), Wagga Wagga, Alstonville and a registered company in Hong Kong. 


In addition to the MWT Foods business, the Waring Group have investments in macadamia farms and general agriculture in Australia, nut processing facilities in Vietnam, a partnership with Denfeld Packing through Laurel Foods LLC in Oregon, USA and other associated entitles. 


MWT Foods has an exceptional reputation within the nut and dried fruit industry with an executive team that have a combined total of over 100 years experience. 


Michael coined the phrase on which all MWT growth would rest “Best Source Safe Food”.


With knowledge and experience in procurement and purchasing, quality assurance, sales and logistics on behalf of its suppliers and customers, the Waring’s and specifically MWT Foods has established itself as a leading participator in the food industry since 1965.


Operating its own Approved Supplier Program (ASP) and with a  HACCP certification, (Audited annually)  MWT Foods maintains levels of excellence The MWT ASP, through working with its chosen suppliers and customers, ensures that food safety and good manufacturing practice is adhered to.


Through regular audits of all suppliers and working closely with growers, MWT Foods helps its global suppliers adhere to the ever-changing demands for safe food for the global marketplace.



Mission Statement


Michael Waring Trading Pty Ltd, trading as MWT Foods is to be recognised in the world market for Edible Nuts, Dried Fruit, Desiccated Coconut and ancillary items, as a market leader.  MWT Foods will be a reliable source of quality product ensuring maximum differentiation from its competitive suppliers.


MWT Foods will achieve this goal through the formation of “Partnership” relationships with its suppliers and customers.  The criteria for these relationships will revolve around its mission, to always strive under the edict of “Best Source Safe Food”. 


The “Supplier Partnership” relationship will be two way orientated.  Information transfer between supplier and MWT Foods will facilitate correct servicing of the customer in all respects.  MWT Foods will endeavor to assist and influence the investment by its suppliers in best practice systems and infrastructure.  Such influence may be borne through direct investment in such supplier businesses, formation of joint ventures or exclusive supply agreements.


The “Customer Partnership” relationship will involve MWT Foods establishing a close and confidential working relationship in which MWT Foods will directly assist in establishing new products and better supply channels for its customers.

MWT Foods will be renowned as a high service supplier to its customers’ needs.  Service to customers’ includes correct and accurate detail on market information and proven and sound logistics options.  Such will culminate in “on-time delivery”, warranty in quality and performance, and contingency planning. 


All service offerings by MWT Foods to its customers and suppliers will be tailored to specific and agreed requirements.  “Our Supplier and Customer Partnerships” will foster growth together through service and dedicated sourcing of safe food. 


“Best Source Safe Food”.


Our Commitment

To provide our customers with the Best Source of Safe Food.  We stand behind our products and service and will do our utmost to exceed our customers’ expectations in products and services.

Our Vision

To be known Internationally as a leading supplier of safe food products, a reliable and credible source of information and proactive partner to both customers and suppliers.


Our Mission

To be the leading source of nut, dried fruit, and desiccated coconut to selected customers and for selected suppliers.